Even the most privileged celebrities have to deal with drivers who run red lights, speed and don't pay attention to where they are going. They're plagued by thieves who try to steal their high dollar rides, just like anyone else who has something worth stealing.

The crash zone is one of those great equalizers in life. In fact, you can learn a thing or two about your own legal rights by examining some of the most famous celebrity car mishaps.

Tom Brady Failed to Dodge a Minivan

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn't as nimble in the streets as he is on a football field in 2010, when his black Audi sedan collided with a minivan. The minivan's driver was cited for failing to stop at a red light.

Brady was not injured, but if he had been, he would have had a solid personal injury case, given the citation. Brady could have sued for damages to his vehicle, medical costs and even lost wages if he missed any games. Considering the $19 million per year contract he signed the following week, those lost wages would be substantial.

Charlie Sheen's Mercedes Went Cliff Diving

Someone really had it out for Charlie Sheen in 2010 when not one, but two of his cars – both Mercedes – were stolen from his home in a gated community and driven off cliffs. Police were able to identify suspects from video taken at Sheen's home and several Chevron stations where the suspects used Sheen's credit card.

Despite the fact that Sheen left the keys in the car both times, he could still sue the thieves for damages.

John Travolta Put the Heat on Auto Theft Ring

When John Travolta's vintage Mercedes was stolen in 2012, the pressure was on for the LAPD to produce results in the high profile actor's case. They delivered in spades when they found Travolta's vehicle and several others in a chop shop in Santa Monica.

Unfortunately, for Travolta, his vehicle had already been dismantled. There is hope though, that he will be able to replace or reassemble it, thanks to a court order for $50,000 in restitution against one of the thieves.

Juliette Lewis Bounced Back After T-Bone Injuries

Juliette Lewis wasn't even driving when another vehicle t-boned the Lincoln Town Car she was in. However she suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital for observation. This gives her legal grounds to sue for medical expenses, and also for pain and suffering.

If you have suffered an injury during a car accident caused by another driver, talk to a personal injury lawyer, such as John Tamming Law Office, about getting the compensation you deserve.