There are a number of reasons you can be denied workers compensation benefits. The paperwork could have been done incorrectly, or the examining physician could have determined that you weren't injured while on the job. When you aren't able to work because you were hurt while doing your job, it's time to get the help you need. Workers compensation insurance protects your income in the event you can't work, but you may have to file an appeal to prove your injuries. You are allowed to see another physician to assess your injuries and your ability to perform your job duties. When you aren't receiving a paycheck because of a work injury, you need to find a workers compensation lawyer who can help.

When Your Injuries are Difficult to Prove

If your initial examination was not conclusive, the treating physician may come to the conclusion that you aren't as injured as you are claiming. It is important to seek a second opinion, and follow through with all treatment recommendations. If one doctor is not willing to agree that your injuries are both work related and preventing you from working, you need to see another provider. Be clear about your symptoms and work closely with your provider in an effort to heal from your injuries.

Your Right to Appeal a Workers Compensation Denial

Many workers compensation claims are denied initially. If you are hurt and not receiving a paycheck, this can be devastating. You have the right to appeal the decision, and this is the time when many injured employees begin working with an attorney. The appeal process can be stressful, and you will want someone on your side who is guiding you through the process. You need to recover from your injuries, and being stressed out because you have to fight for your benefits isn't useful. An attorney will help you strengthen your case and work with you to get the benefits you deserved.

When you receive workers compensation benefits, your employer's insurance policy may become more expensive. This is one reason your claim may be denied initially. While you may need to fight for your benefits, eventually you will get the compensation you deserve. Anyone who gets hurt while working is federally protected. This means your medical needs will be taken care of and you will continue to receive pay until you are ready to return to work. If you have been hurt and denied benefits, it's time to call a lawyer who can help.

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