Most people understand that they are eligible for settlements if a vehicle accident occurs and another driver is at fault. This is true when it comes to motorcycle accidents as well, but there are some differences between the types of lawsuits and settlements that apply. Keep reading to understand a little more about this.

Some Damages Are Less

Due to the small nature of motorcycles, you are likely to see much smaller payouts for damages on the motorcycle itself. In many cases, you may see that the motorcycle is deemed a total loss. This refers to the value of the repairs coming close to the 80% to 100% mark in relation to the value of the motorcycle. In some cases repairs are more and you will be provided with the actual cash value of the motorcycle at the time of the accident.

While you may receive a great deal less than you expect when it comes to the actual damaged, you can expect more from injury damaged and emotional damages. Unfortunately, medical injuries are typically much more substantial when it comes to motorcycles. Also, the emotional damages and the stress you encounter may be higher as well. These things can lead to more substantial settlements. 

When establishing the settlement amount, professionals will look at things like future income loss and medical bills as well as present losses, so this can garner you more money in the long run.

Settlements Are Best 

Many cases are settled out of court. This is the case for many reasons. Court cases are long and can take two to three years to complete from start to finish. If the case is complicated, it can take even longer to resolve with a lengthy discovery period where evidence is gathered and shared with both sides of the legal team. Since you will need to pay out of pocket for the expenses unless you are retaining the lawyer based on contingency, the lengthy period of time can cost more than the money you receive.

The same timeframe is similar to other types of lawsuits. However, some people have a negative connotation with motorcycles. While the court system is not supposed to be biased, this perception can lead to fewer damages. It is sometimes better to conclude the accident with a settlement.

Settlements should only be considered if the value of the settlement is inline with a direct assessment of your damages. Lawyers can use sophisticated calculations to determine the appropriate settlement amount, so make sure to evaluate settlements based on the expertise of your legal professional. For more information, contact companies like The Jaklitsch Law Group.