If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your disability application twice, you may give up on ever receiving the benefits you need. But before you lose hope, contact a Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyer and file an appeal. An attorney can help you complete your application and obtain the appropriate documentation you need for your case. Here are some things you can do to get started.

What Do You Need for Your Appeal?

The SSA does allow denied applicants a chance to appeal its decision. However, before you appeal the denial, you must obtain various documentation for your case. This information includes medical evidence from your doctors. If your condition drastically changed since the last time you applied for benefits, it's important to obtain evidence of it.

You can contact your doctors yourself and try to obtain the medical documentation you need. But this step may be difficult for you. Some doctors may not want to release pertinent and private information about their patients' health to anyone without the proper legal forms. In addition, you may have multiple doctors to contact about your appeal claim. If you need to travel to each doctors' office for your paperwork, the strain on your health can make your condition worse.

To overcome the obstacles above, it's important to have a Social Security Disability attorney on your side

How Do You Appeal?

A SSD attorney will request medical evidence from each of your doctors in writing. Some attorneys send request by certified mail, which ensures that the facilities and doctors receive them on time. Once they receive the documentation they need, an attorney can proceed with your appeal.

The SSA may take some time to answer or respond to the appeal request. During this time period, it's critical that you follow all of your attorney's instructions. Your attorney may instruct you to refrain from talking about your condition with other people, including loved ones.

You may also need to stay away from social media sites during your waiting period. Some of the things you say or place on your social media pages may cause problems with your claim. For example, if someone places a picture of you shopping or exercising, the SSA may consider you able to work and deny your appeal claim.

If you're ready to appeal your SSD denial or need additional information about your case, contact a Social Security Disability attorney for an appointment today.