In most states, when you are in an auto accident either you are the other driver will be found to be at fault for the crash. In some states, the fault can be split, but most of the time one driver will have "more" fault than the other. In a few states, the fault is not determined unless there are excessive damage and injuries.

When you are found to be the one to have caused the accident it will be your insurance company that pays for the medical bills and property damage done. If you do not have enough coverage to pay for everything, it is possible you will be sued to personally pay what the insurance didn't pay. In addition, any repairs required to your vehicle will not be covered.  In addition, your own personal medical bills may not be paid. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you dispute fault. Here are a few things the lawyer can do for you.

Establish Reasonable Doubt

Even if a lot of the evidence points to the fact that you were at fault, your lawyer will attempt to show there was reasonable doubt as to exactly what happened. It could be disputed whether the other driver was speeding or failed to use a turn signal. This may be enough to take all the blame from you or at least divide the blame enough to make your insurance company pay for your injuries and damage.

Point Out Mechanical Problems

While you may still be at fault due to a problem with your vehicle because you did not maintain it properly, the lawyer could drag the automobile manufacturer or a mechanic into the case. Often these companies will settle with you without the need to go to trial. This may then be used as proof to your insurance company that you were not at fault completely.

Conduct the Adjuster Interview

The insurance companies involved will send an adjuster to look over all the damage and discuss the accident with you. Having an experienced lawyer present during this interview will keep you from saying something that may be misconstrued. Sometimes, it is what is said during the interview that will determine fault.

Keep in mind that any time you are found at fault, your insurance premiums are going to increase and there could be points on your driver's license. Contact resources such as Edward M Graves Accident and Injury Attorney to help you dispute fault will prevent these penalties from happening.