If you've been hurt in a car accident, the possibility of taking legal action depends on the circumstances. You might get fully compensated by the insurer for the at-fault driver in many cases and never need to speak to an attorney. Unfortunately, when accident situations are more serious, you might be foolish to accept what the insurer offers. To help you know how to determine the need for a personal injury attorney, read on and find out what makes an accident more serious.

The accident was caused by another driver and involved a death.

If the deceased contributed to the financial well-being of other family members, those family members are entitled to financial consideration. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about filing a wrongful death case against the other driver.

The accident resulted in very serious injuries.

If you or a loved encountered a level of injury that went beyond bumps and bruises, you may need more than what the insurers offer. That includes head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and more. That level of injury often requires hospitalizations, surgeries, and physical therapy to recover completely. Unfortunately, the more medical treatment you need as a result of the accident, the more problems you might encounter with insurers who may delay paying your medical bills or deny claims without cause.

The accident resulted in permanent injuries.

Catastrophic injuries like burns, amputations, brain injuries, spinal damage, and back injuries can create a need for future medical care. Insurers won't usually cover you once you sign a release unless you specifically address future needs in the settlement. Once you reach a state of recovery where a medical professional can evaluate your future needs and recommend treatments, an economist then determines how much is needed to cover those expenses.

The accident made you miss a lot of work and may have had a permanent impact on your career.

Serious accidents usually mean you cannot work for weeks or even months while you recover. In some instances, your career suffers permanently, such as when a pianist, surgeon, or artist loses the use of their hands. This is a complicated form of damage and an attorney must be consulted.

The accident has had a traumatic effect on your mental state.

Bad accidents can leave victims suffering from anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and other disorders. You are entitled to be paid for psychological trauma just as with your physical injuries.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, speak to a car accident lawyer right away.