The process of filing and getting approved for Social Security Disability can be lengthy and tedious. It can be fraught with legalities that you do not understand. It also can involve appearing in court repeatedly to explain your illness or injury. 

Rather than appear on your own or handle your own case, you can get the help and representation that you need by retaining a Social Security Disability lawyer. A Social Security Disability attorney who works Social Security Disability claims may get you approved faster and help you gain benefits that you need to sustain you and your family.

Proving Your Disability

The process of winning Social Security Disability claims starts by proving to the court that you have a legitimate injury or illness. The judge must determine that you are so ill or injured that you cannot go back to work to earn an income. He or she must decide that you need these benefits to sustain yourself and your family because of your disability.

Your Social Security Disability lawyer can present evidence to the court to back up your claim. He or she can show the judge medical evidence like doctors' reports, x-rays, prescription medication reports, psychiatric evaluations, and other proof that shows that you cannot go back to work and thus have no way to earn an income.

Appearing in Court

Appearing in court before a judge can be a nerve-wracking prospect. You may fear what the judge will ask you. You also have no idea how to answer his or her questions.

When you hire a Social Security Disability attorney, you gain an important ally to speak on your behalf in court. Your lawyer can answer most or all of the questions that the judge asks you. You only need to answer if the judge specifically directs you. 

Your attorney has the legal finesse and confidence to represent you in court. He or she can make sure that the judge understands your disability and why you are making a claim for benefits.

Seeing your Social Security Disability claims through to the end can be a complicated, emotional endeavor. If you feel you lack the legal knowledge and training to represent yourself, you do not have to go to court alone. An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can advocate for you in court, present evidence to the judge and speak on your behalf to prove your claim.